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Trello for everything

By Kelly

I didn’t think it was possible, but I’ve gotten even more obsessed with Trello lately.

Trello for work

I’ve been using it to hold my personal to-do lists (and other 30 or so obsessive lists) for years, but just this year, I started using it for work instead of Asana, a move I never thought I’d make. (Asana is better. I still think so. See all the reasons here.) But Trello is faster. When I’m really busy at work, which is always, I dont have time to fill in all the fields of the helpful Asana task. I just need to type a sentence that reminds me of that thing I need to do later (because there’s no way I have time to start it now) and go.

Trello for life

I’ve been using Trello for my personal life for years. I have lists for everything: groceries, addresses, birthdays and present ideas, story structure guides, Coursera class notes, life goals and even what settings to properly wash my sheets on.

Trello for habit tracking

But recently, I started using it for habit tracking, too, instead of Strides. I like Strides because it keeps a record of what days you’ve checked off what habits (and it throws confetti when you have a perfect day), but I realized I never actually look back at the history, and it only lets you track 7 or 8 habits at a time for free. I got tired of being choosy about which good habits to track, and I started forgetting any new habits I wanted to form. So I decided to switch my habit tracking to Trello as well.

Now I’ve got the most effective system, Ive ever had. I’m utilizing the easy “Checklist” feature of Trello to remember absolutely every “Must-do” I want to accomplish in a day (or week) and every “Want-to-do” I should attempt whenever I’m lying in bed staring at my phone, wishing I could remember what I meant to do the second I had free time. I highly recommend Trello-ing your life if you havent already.

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