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To Do List Apps: Asana vs. Trello

By Kelly

This year, I’m questing to be healthier and more productive and have experimented with many time management tools. I’ve tried Daily Greatness Journals with some success and I used to be way into Evernote, until they kept annoying me to upgrade. But I hadn’t found exactly what I was looking for: checklists that are easy to build in a pleasingly formatted way and completely customizable.

That sounds simple, but making checklists in Evernote is not as seamless as you’d think, and the Daily Greatness Journals are beautifully designed but filled with boxes I don’t necessarily want to check, like meditation. (I do believe in meditation, but my bar is so not that high. At this point, I’m lucky if I remember to floss.)

So I started looking through countless articles about the best “to dos” apps.

This is what I found out:

The two top dogs are Asana and Trello. And they are so powerful, they can even be used as project management tools for teams.

They are very different, but I like both for different reasons. I recommend using Asana for work and Trello for your personal life, but if you just have room in your life for one, how about a good ole fashioned pro/con list?

As you see, I’m leaning toward Asana for work tasks, though it’s a popular opinion from all over the internet that Trello is the best thing out there for teams.

I just wish Trello were a little easier to master. But for making personal checklists, it’s the best thing I’ve seen.

What do you think? Asana or Trello? Or both? Or neither? Know of something better out there? Let us know in your comments!

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