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Take a Dip in Krause Springs

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

By Shelby

Embarrassing confession: I’ve lived in Austin for a decade, but I’d never before been to one of its famed swimming holes. Not even Barton Springs. Chalk it up to cheapness, laziness and body-consciousness. Only when a dear friend visiting from out of town suggested it did I finally try one out. And now I see what I’ve been missing.

Krause Springs was the perfect introduction to Austin’s swimming holes. Set in an absolutely idyllic bit of Spicewood, Krause Springs is more than worth the 30-mile drive out Hwy. 71. For $5, you get your run of the springs, and for $5 more, you can camp out overnight. Best of all, you can drink. Yay! All beverages not in glass containers are welcome. A picnic lunch, some beer, 72-degree water and a little bit of sun make for the perfect summer day. And I mean a little bit of sun. As a super pale chick, I really appreciated the ample shade the trees provided, both in the water and out of it.

When we first arrived at the springs, we paid our entry fee, walked onto the grounds and saw a decent-sized rectangular pool that looked pretty much like every neighborhood pool ever, except in pretty surroundings and with crystal clear water. I was kind of bummed that it was what we’d driven all that way for, but then we saw signs directing us to the real springs, which are below. A winding swath of water surrounded by cliffs and trees, the springs were exactly what I’d always imagined. They even had a rope swing. (See if you can spot the guy in the photo above who looks like he belongs in the wolf pack.)

If you’ve never been to Krause Springs before, I definitely recommend bringing along some water shoes. They may be dorky and bring back bad memories of childhood trips to the beach, but the footing (at least in the spots where I could touch) is very slippery, so you’ll be glad you have them.

So which swimming hole do you think I should try next?

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