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Market days at Georgetown Square

By Kelly

I happened to eat at The Monument Cafe (delicious) this Saturday when I noticed a lot of tents and activity while parking my car. Turns out every second Saturday of the month (March– November), Georgetown hosts Market Days around the Historic Courthouse on the Square. This 18-year event features arts and crafts, jewelry, woodworking, food, live music and more. You can also buy a glass of “walking” beer or wine from many of the surrounding restaurants because it’s legal to walk the square with alcohol.

Walking the shade in a historic square with a beer is just fun. There’s also lots of tents filled with interesting jewelry, woodworking, clothing, salsa, etc., to keep you entertained or help you spend your money—however you like it. This is definitely something to hit if you have some spare time and don’t live too far from Georgetown.

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