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Selfie yo self: The Selfie Galleries

By Kelly

I had a “Treat Yo Self” day recently and (after an awesome Sunday Brunch at CRÚ Food & Wine Bar), a friend and I decided to try out something we thought was a myth: The Selfie Galleries in the Domain. If you’re a big selfie fan like me, it’s worth the time and cost.

For $25 per person, per hour you get a large, adjustable, ring-light/smartphone tripod and a photo clicker that pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth. This makes it easy to selfie yourself inside one of the 20 quirky sets this wonderfully weird place has to offer.

My favorite was the bank vault, which I missed on the first pass, so they let me come back and do it for free. I’m actually glad I missed it, because I got to plan an outfit (complete with a mask and striped shirt) and do my hair, instead of having sweaty, after-brunch-walking-around-in-the-heat hair.

So if you want something fun to do, why not selfie yo self?


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