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Date Night at the Rage Room

By Kelly

Earlier this month, my husband and I spent our date night at a rage room. We thought breaking a bunch of stuff sounded fun, and we were right. Plus, The Breaking Point has a date-night deal. (They also host divorce parties and let you bring your own breakables.)

For $37.50, you get 25 minutes to pummel 48 random breakables and a super sexy jumpsuit, protective headgear and gloves. You also get your pick of lead pipes, bats and crowbars to smash with and a pair of pliers to pull glass out of your boots. (Don't wear soft-sole shoes like tennis shoes. Work boots seem to hold up the best. Also don't wear fake cowboy boots. My real ones barely protected my feet.)

I don't have a lot of anger at the moment, so I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this. Turns out breaking things that aren't yours and don't have to clean up is satisfying. It doesn't necessity have to be fueled by anger, though I'm sure it helps.

So the next time you want an interesting date night, or just want some low-cost therapy, go smash stuff at your local rage room. (And if you have a slow-motion setting on your camera/phone, use it.)

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