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Flix Brewhouse Seats “Go Reclining”

By Kelly

Last month, Flix Brewhouse — the dinner-and-a-movie-theater in Round Rock — upgraded its theater chairs. I’ve hoped every theater in Austin would take a page from Moviehouse & Eatery’s playbook by upgrading to adjustable table-trays and reclining chairs (like most Alamo locations have now done, since folks got tired of standing every time anyone on their row needed to use the restroom.) Well, it sounds like Flix finally got the memo.

Now instead of normal theater-chairs with sliding table-trays, Flix has upgraded to reclining leather seats and adjustable tables that slide and rotate. There’s also platforms between each pair of seats that has under-lighting that illuminates the QR-code menu, call buttons and the cubbies that hold the pen and paper for easier ordering.

With these upgrades, it’s difficult to determine which dinner-and-a-movie experience is better — Flix or Moviehouse. So how about a good old fashioned pro/con list?

Now that I see it typed out, Moviehouse is the clear winner, but I enjoy Flix’s upgrades, and it is 20 minutes closer to my house, so maybe I’ll screen more movies there in the future.

What about you, readers? What are you favorite theaters in Austin?

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