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Flix Brewhouse

By Kelly

Flix Brewhouse in Round Rock (near the intersection of I-35 and Hesters Crossing) is a very innovative new version of the whole dinner and a movie concept. Though the Alamo Drafhouse, in all its variations, will always win just because it’s the Alamo, the designers of this new dinner-theater really thought things through when it comes to the general design, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that they have a microbrewery onsite with delicious and reasonably-priced beer.

Flix is the size of a conventional movie theater with many of the same perks and it also carries many of the same charms as the Alamo Drafthouse, including the quirky trailers before the real previews, a separate bar within the theater and a strict no talking/texting rule.

But it does have two things the Alamo lacks (which I suspect they ripped straight from any Alamo Drafthouse customer feedback they could get their hands on): tables before each chair that slide out to hover just above the moviegoer’s lap (making it much easier to eat) and lights lining each table that ables you to see your receipt without having to light-up your smartphone, which is expressly against the Alamo’s rules, even though they don’t offer such lighting. The lighting is only slightly distracting and very helpful, though at times I do prefer the total darkness of the Alamo. (I’ve become expert at bouncing light from the movie screen off my receipt to barely make out my bill, anyway.)

There are also multiple exits per row that make it less likely that someone will try to slide by you when exiting mid-movie, and you can even completely block any attempts at this by extending your dinner tray into your lap and keeping it there. Though I suppose that could be awkward if a person has no other means of escape, you have the option nonetheless.

But there is something that Flix lacks that the Alamo has, the $13 pitcher of Lone Star. (It doesn’t have Lone Star at all, which is hard for us cheapskates) and the cheapest thing we could get was a pitcher of Dos XX for $15, though it was incredibly tasty and worth the extra $2.

Overall, I really enjoyed Flix, but since I am a purist, I will still always hit the Alamo first. But since I live way up north and Flix is between me and the nearest Alamo location, I will certainly hit Flix instead if it has more convenient showtimes.

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