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The Scarlet Rabbit: Alice and Wonderland Themed Restaurant

By Kelly

When googling “Most romantic restaurant, patio, twinkle lights, Austin,” I happened to stumble on something I couldn’t believe: The Scarlet Rabbit (now defunct), an Alice and Wonderland themed restaurant. How could I not know this existed? It was also especially romantic to me, since my husband and I met at an Alice and Wonderland themed party. (I’ve always been a fan of creative theme parties.)

It’s been hidden in Downtown Round Rock since July 2014, just a little down Main St. from Junior’s Grill and The Brass Tap. It has a whimsical patio, delicious steak, various foods served out of teacups and some fun indoor decorations, too, including window treatments made of strung-up playing cards. It’s a little pricier than I’d like (for a regular haunt) and the service was sometimes slow, but definitely not out of the question for a romantic evening. Definitely a place to check out if you’re in the mood for something…different.

Update: Sept. 9, 2018: This place is now this place, but their website is already defunct even though they opened in June 2018, so maybe they needed that whimsy.

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