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Roswell vs. Roswell, New Mexico

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

By Kelly

So there’s a new Roswell show on the CW. Since a press conference with the original Roswell cast was a highlight of my life, and it’s my second favorite show ever (only after Buffy)... .

Yeah. We’re gonna talk about this.

I’m only three episodes into Roswell, New Mexico, so this can’t be a comprehensive review yet, but so far, the two questions that keep plaguing me are: “Why remake something great?” and “Why remake something great…like this?”

The answer to the first question is obvious: Hollywood is completely out of ideas and they need me to finish the time travel novel I’ve worked on for almost 28 years, so they can make a show out of that. Sorry, Hollywood. I’m working on it.

The answer to the next question is more complicated. And subjective.

I’m not going to say that I hate the new Roswell show. That would be rejecting something because it’s new and different, which is silly and closed minded. But…I hate the new Roswell show.

But, I also like the new Roswell show, maybe. Obviously I have complicated emotions about the new Roswell show, so it’s time for a Pro/Con battle.

So, like all remakes, there are clearly both pluses and minuses, but so far, I think the original show has it. But it’ll be interesting to see how the new show turns out.

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