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Is Black Widow Worth the $30?

Sure, if you bring friends.

By Kelly

Last night I watched Black Widow at a friend’s house. They paid the $30 to stream it on Disney+, then had us over, so it wouldn’t cost $15 a person to watch, which is $4 more than seeing it at a theater. This only cost $7.50 per person.

Was it worth it? Like most Marvel movies (except Thor: The Dark World and Iron Man 3, both of which I really dislike), it was solid. It had emotion, girl power, interesting character dynamics, humor and some really amazing action sequences.

The humor was, of course, my favorite part, and I feel they could’ve had more of it. (I think that’s why everyone loves Thor: Ragnarok so much. Humor gives movies staying power.) But what humor they did have was good enough to keep me engaged, though if they had had more, it would be more rewatchable.

Would I rewatch this? Because it’s Marvel, I will end up watching it again at some point. Either way, I’m glad I watched it at least once and $7.50 was a bargain.

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