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What/where to stream, 2022

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

By Kelly

For an ongoing, updated list of what/where to stream, bookmark this page.


*= Loved


More suggestions here.

Amazon Prime

Orphan Black (The story can be repetitive, so I mostly watch for the lead’s versatile acting abilities. [She was even a scorpion once.] But Felix and Donnie are also hilarious.)

The Tomorrow War More suggestions here and here.


Free Guy, coming Feb. 23

Loki** (This is my favorite Marvel show yet.)

All Marvel and Star Wars movies* More suggestions here and here.


Dune (When it was available on HBOMax)

Godzilla vs. Kong (Not a great story, but if you watch to see monster wrestling, which is the point, you won’t be disappointed.)

Matrix Resurrections (It was okay.)

More suggestions here.


9 Perfect Strangers (I didn’t love the story, but the acting was good all around.)

Love and Monsters*(The dog does not die.)

More Hulu suggestions here and here. (I’m canceling Hulu if Veronica Mars doesn’t get another season.)


Cowboy Bebop*(We all agree it didn’t follow the anime well enough, but please, please, please bring it back. Sign the petition!)

Don’t Look Up (The indie film of disaster movies)

Squid Game** (An adult Hunger Games, but way more graphic)

You** (Season three)

More Netflix suggestions here and here.

Paramount+ Annihilation (This was scarier, gorier and stranger than I expected, but there’s nothing else like it.)

Didn’t like:

Amazon Prime



You’re the Worst (Season one was gold; then it got depressing and unfunny.)

Netflix Good on Paper

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