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Netflix: What to binge/skip

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

By Kelly For an ongoing, updated list of what/where to stream, bookmark this page.

I have some extra time on my hands, so I went through all Netflix shows A to Z. Here are the ones I liked, didn’t finish or couldn’t even stick with for more than 10 minutes. Happy bingeing!

Shows I liked on Netflix ranked:

  1. Gilmore Girls: A mother and daughter who are so close in age they’re more like sisters who live in a crazy town with crazy people and have loveable/realistic parents/grandparents and quest to find true love. I’ve yet to get sick of this show. I think it’s impossible.

  2. Supernatural: This show is in season 15 for a reason. Check out my episodes--to-skip guide.

  3. YOU: This isn’t your usual show (or mine). It’s from the point of view of a stalker-murderer. But it’s so addictive, you won’t care.

  4. Dead to Me: This one is so good. Christina Applegate deserves the Emmy she won for it.

  5. Jane the Virgin: This is like Gilmore Girls, but in a meta-telenovela setting, which is exactly as strange as it sounds.

  6. Sherlock: You’ve probably heard about this. Yes. It really is that good.

  7. iZombie: It’s almost as good as Veronica Mars (from the same creator.)

  8. The Office: Is anyone surprised this is now the number 10 show in the United States?

  9. Parks and Recreation: You already know all this.

  10. Schitt’s Creek: The first season is a little slow, but then it gets hilarious.

  11. The Umbrella Academy: This is the show that The Boys on Amazon Prime was trying to be, but way better.

  12. The Good Place: I found the ending unsatisfying, but the rest of the show was non-stop comedy gold. You will laugh all the way through it.

  13. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: It doesn’t end as strongly as it began, but it’s still solid Tina Fey.

  14. Unbelievable: This is the true story of the bad-ass women who brought a rapist to justice. But it’s rough. Read the description before you dive in.

  15. Stranger Things: If you haven’t watched this yet, I’m sure it’s on your list. I like it, but it definitely upset me in season two, when the scariest monster graphically kills a cat. Cover your eyes when “the thing” escapes its glass cage.

  16. Black Mirror: No surprise here, I’m sure. I like every episode of this except the first one.

  17. Jessica Jones: This is the only Netflix Marvel show I love. The rest I can take or leave.

  18. Glow: You’ve heard of this, and with good reason. It’s worth a watch, though the third season was just okay.

  19. 13 Reasons Why: It is both amazing and terrible and impossible to stop watching.

  20. Black Lightning: This is my favorite CW superhero show right now. The story is compelling. The acting is great. I will say season one is a little hard to get through because the some of the violence is ickier than you’d expect from a network show, but they tone that down fast.

  21. I Am Not Okay With This: This seems like it wants to be Stranger Things, and it’s not as good. But it’s compelling and well-acted with a great ending. The only thing I’d say is the whole first season could’ve been one episode, so it’s a little slower and emotional than I’m into, but a lot of people like that.

  22. Girlboss: Loved this show and the actress, though you won’t like her at first.

  23. Great News: This was fun, which is not a surprise, since it’s from Tina Fey.

  24. Living with Yourself: This was both fascinating and disturbing. Paul Rudd, like usual, brings it and there’s certainly humor. But it’s darker than you’d expect.

  25. Riverdale: I enjoy this show, but I wouldn’t call it “good.” But it’s never boring. Half the time you don’t know what’s going on, because the writers don’t either. (If it even has writers. I have a theory that involves a manatee tank, but not the more sophisticated one that brings us Family Guy.)

Shows that didn’t pass the multiple-episode test

  • Ann With An “E”: There is so much wrong with this!

  • Between: I really liked the set-up and the heroine, but once the first episode was over, I didn’t want more.

  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: This is funny, but the last season didn’t hold up.

  • The Crown: I loved this show until they switched out the entire cast. No.

  • Daybreak: I enjoyed the unique voice, but the beginning of episode 3 grossed me out so much I turned it off. But I did enjoy it. Maybe I’ll go back. But be warned, the level of violence in this dark comedy is higher than you’d think.

  • Gossip Girl: Didn’t make it past the first episode. None of the characters interested me.

  • Hemlock Grove: I didn’t make it through much of this. It was okay, but gory.

  • How to Get Away with Murder: I loved this show until it become implausible for one person to be at the center of so many murders without actually killing anyone.

  • Insatiable: I somehow watched all of season one before I realized I didn’t like it. So it’s catchy, at least. But the main character is not a good person. It’s hard to watch her.

  • Mad Men: Like everyone, I’m angry I watched a seven-year Coca-Cola ad.

  • Maniac: This had potential, especially with the actors, but overall, it didn’t work.

  • The OA: A lot of people seemed to like this, but I was painfully bored by episode two. I was interested in the mystery, but it was too slow for me.

  • Once Upon A Time: For some reason, they lost me in Neverland.

  • Orange Is the New Black: I watched all of this, but regretted everything after season three.

  • Sense 8: Again, a lot of people liked this, and I watched several episodes to see why, but it just didn’t excite me.

  • The Society: This had an intriguing premise, but there was too much, “Why won’t this guy kiss me?” In the apocalypse, priorities need to shift.

  • Altered Carbon: I tried this for an episode or two. The story wasn’t worth the over-the-top violence.

  • The Magicians: We stuck with this show for several seasons, but they kept doing horribly violent things to cats, so we quit.

  • No Tomorrow: Good concept, but ran out of steam in the first episode.

  • 3%: I liked season one, but got bored during season two.

  • Travelers: This time travel series was pretty good, though I was underwhelmed by the end, but they scrambled due to an unexpected cancellation.

  • Reign: Loved season one, but dropped off somewhere.

  • The Walking Dead: I loved this until they gruesomely killed my favorite character. A lot of people hated that.

Shows that didn’t pass the 10-minute test

  • Cheer: A cheerleader documentary sounded interesting to me, until I watched it. Then it’s just real people talking too much and non-stop flips. But in all fairness, I’m not a documentary person.

  • The Stranger: This interested me for a whole episode, but there was unexpected and repeated animal violence, and though I don’t know why a person would tell such a wild lie, I stopped caring fast.

  • The End of the F***ing World: I accidentally started this one on episode two, which was for the best. The episode-one description mentions the main character is bored with killing animals and wants a human victim. In the first 10 minutes of episode two, he’s thinking about killing his sorta girlfriend. Not for me.

  • What/If: 10 minutes in and I was bored. I don’t even know what was happening.

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