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Netflix Instant Pick: Timer

By Kelly

Want something new to watch without the drive to the red box or the wait for the DVD to come in the mail? Well, that’s why Netflix Instant was invented. But the thing about Netflix is that you’re not always sure what you’re getting from these odd streaming videos you’ve never heard of. For instance, S. Darko: A Donnie Darko Tale is not recommended. Sure it’s seductive since it’s the sequel of the most beloved and trippy Gyllenhaal career-launcher, but don’t do it. You’ll keep watching hoping that it’ll get better, but it’ll only get worse. For instance, apparently they’re aliens and Jasper from Twilight has some strange disease that came out of a meteor that makes him see imaginary comets, or maybe they’re really there? I don’t know. I was lost in the first 10 minutes and not in an interesting way. Just don’t do it.

That’s why we decided to bring you the Neflix Instant Pick of the week. So you don’t waste your time on an awful stream again.

For instance, if you’ve seen Timer come up on your instant queue, it’s worth a watch. This strange immediate-future-type movie pokes fun at the online dating phenomenon. But instead of the internet, timer implants that count down to when your body is chemically ready to meet your soulmate are the norm. In fact, once they get down to zero, you supposedly meet your soulmate that day and when your eyes lock, they go off in unison, if you soulmate has the implant. Oona’s (Emma Caulfield) soulmate isn’t implanted, because hers is blank. So the movie asks the question, should she be a slave to the timer (and wait for her soulmate to join modern society) or just get out there and see who she finds on her own?

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