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Netflix Instant Pick: The Walking Dead

By Kelly

The Walking Dead is now available on Netflix Instant, just in time for Halloween. Yes, it’s true. I hadn’t yet gotten around to watching this phenomenal series, even though I love everything zombie, until this weekend where we watched all six of the available season one episodes in preparation for the 90-minute season two premiere.

So what did I think? It certainly hits all the proper zombie-esque notes. Excessive Gore? Check. (In fact, in the most recent episode, Boondock-Saints guy graphically cut open the stomach of a zombie to make sure it hadn’t eaten a little girl. Gross, but they just get points for having someone from Boondock Saints in this show.) No feasible explanation for why corpses become animated? Check. (Of course not! It’s a zombie show!) No blasphemous running zombies? Check. (Hell’s yeah for the proper “slow crawl!”) Aggravating love triangle I could do without? Check. (“I’m Cajun and unattractive! Why don’t you love me?” “Because my husband came back and he’s a bad ass? And I’m pretty sure that because of Armageddon he’s been promoted to sheriff by default or just clear bad-ass-ness?” Seriously, who cares? Though it is a well-written show, so I’m sure we won’t be able to get away without some human-interest drama. I just wish that part were more interesting.) But still, many more in the check column than the minus.

The Walking Dead is on AMC, every Sunday at 8 p.m. but you can see past seasons on Netflix Instant.

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