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Netflix Instant Pick: Rubber

By Kelly

Who can resist a movie about a tire that kills people with its mind? I know what you’re thinking, “lots of people” but this movie is so much more than that. I must admit this one had me intrigued since I first saw an off-beat ad for it before an Alamo Drafthouse feature. How could I ignore something that LA Weekly calls “Bat sh*t wonderful”? And it is, from the first scene where the Brechtian-style audience-spectators watch this live tire like a movie for no explained reason through binoculars. Is it a performance or is it reality? It seems to be both, though this is never explained.

In fact, the whole movie revolves around “no reason” and provides a theater-of-the-absurd feel that I haven’t seen since Waiting for Godot, and it’s almost as trascendental and certainly as meaningless while being meaningful at the same time. It’s hard to imagine that director Quentin Dupieux managed to get all these themes into a movie about a killer tire, but he does, right down to the last live audience member. It’s definitely worth a watch.

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