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Netflix Instant Pick: Repo! The Genetic Opera

By Kelly

I was so excited about Repo! The Genetic Opera, starring Anthony Stewart Head from Buffy, coming to Netflix Instant. Gosh I wish I had read the description before I made spaghetti for dinner.

This rock opera is directed by Darren Lynn Bousman—that’s right, the guy who did the Saw movies, which I have no interest in seeing ever. Sure the movies sound interesting, as I’ve discovered from reading all the plot summaries on Wikipedia, but I can’t stand to watch that much gore, especially if it doesn’t even involve musical numbers! But for some reason the fact that Repo is a musical makes the fact that it revolves around people buying organs (to avoid organ failure) that get repossessed by force if they can’t pay their bills... tolerable.

So how did that spaghetti go down? Well, the first time Anthony Stewart cut someone open (while singing, of course) to pull out a pile of very realistic looking organs, I almost choked. Then I stopped eating, and didn't eat anything for the rest of the day.

This is also the plot of the non-musical movie Repo Men starring Jude Law, but why anyone would want to watch that kind of plot without singing is beyond me.

The music is extremely catchy. Anthony Stewart is a phenomenal singer and Alexa PenaVega, from Spy Kids of all things, and Paris Hilton actually all do a great job. I still have one of the songs Paris Hilton sings stuck in my head to this day.

So I think it’s worth a watch if you have interest, but again, be aware, there is a little gore. For instance, there is a scene where an opera singer removes her own eyes so no one else can repossess them from her.

Okay, a lot of gore. But singing!

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