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Netflix Instant Pick: Muriel’s Wedding

By Kelly

Muriel’s Wedding has come to Netflix Instant, a movie I’ve been told half my life by women of varying ages that I should watch. They never really explain why. The only response to “Why?” is always, “You just need to see it.” So the verdict? Is it good? Does it live up to all the hype? Who is this Muriel person and do you care that she gets married?

Well, let me ask you something? How do you feel about high school rivals getting just desserts? True friendship triumphing in the end? And lots and lots of ABBA music? I’ll assume that your answer is yes, you care. I’ve seen Toni Collette, a.k.a. Muriel, in so many popular movies, I’ve always kind of wondered how she got her start, and it’s well deserved. So yes, I agree with the vague statement: “You just need to see it.”

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