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Netflix Instant Pick: Killers

By Kelly

It’s amazing what movies you’ll turn on when you don’t have to wait for them in the mail or see them in the theater. Killers was one of those movies I really wasn’t sure about, mostly because it seemed like a copy-movie of Knight and Day, a movie I’ve never heard much about, since I don’t even know anyone who saw it. But this one always intrigued me, but not quite enough to shell out the money. But it was surprisingly descent. With the film quality, beautiful locations and very pretty actors, one consistently great (Katherine Heigl), and one way better than I think most people give him credit for (Ashton Kutcher), it might have actually been a peg above descent. There was witty banter, gun fights, knife fights, hand to hand, certainly some silliness (especially at the end with Tom Selleck) and there was an alcoholic mother (Catherine O’Hara) who once made an entire pitcher of Bloody Marys for herself, with an entire bottle of vodka. I was entertained. But why is it that movies about hit men are often comedies, and even romantic comedies at that? Mr. & Mrs. Smith,The Whole Nine Yards,The Big Hit, Grosse Pointe Blank? (Does anyone else feel very old after reading that list back?) But anyway, it’s an unlikely formula that I happen to like and seems to work, even when modern Hollywood takes a stab at it.

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