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Netflix Instant Pick: Drop Dead Diva

By Kelly

Drop Dead Diva is an unusual show to say the least but definitely entertaining. When a model, Deb, (Brooke D’Orsay), dies in a car wreck involving a grapefruit truck, at the bureaucratic pearly gates she’s told that she’s not a bad person, but she really isn’t a good person either. She also spies a sign that says “Don’t touch the return button without permission” next to Angel Fred’s keyboard and disobeys. Then she wakes up in the hospitalized body of the brilliant but plus-sized attorney Jane Bingum (Brooke Elliott) whose soul has just left her body because of an incident involving her diving between her boss and a gun. Now Deb has to learn to put aside shallowness and appearance and rely on her intellect, borrowed from the now-deceased Jane, and she also has to learn how to be Jane so that no one notices that this is more than a lapse of memory brought on by a recent gun wound. It also gets especially dicey when the new hire is Deb’s grieving fiancée. Though it sounds a little dark, it’s actually mostly a comedy, with some of the comedic relief bought on by Deb’s best friend, Stacy (April Bowlby), who becomes privy to this strange incident and obsessed with helping Jane lose weight (“Tonight we’re going to make a bundt cake out of apple sauce and air”) and Angel Fred (Ben Feldman) who has been demoted to Earth to watch Deb/Jane since he was responsible for letting her hit the return key. It also has two simultaneous legal cases an episode that are fairly interesting, even if these legal plots are mostly borrowed from other television shows or movies.

So check it out on Netflix Instant!

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