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Netflix Instant Pick: Cold Weather

By Shelby

The lovely rainy day we have had here in Austin today provides the perfect backdrop for checking out an underrated gem of a movie called Cold Weather. An official selection of SXSW 2010, Cold Weather is now available to a broader audience thanks to Netflix Instant.

But when it comes to describing what this indie flick is all about, I feel like any words I use undersell it or turn it in the kind of cliché it’s not. A meditation on mid-20s malaise? Set in the hipster capital of Portland, no less? Those words make it sound like the movie is twee and pretentious and obnoxious, but that’s exactly what it isn’t. Somehow filmmaker Aaron Katz and his unknown cast manage to create characters, environments and situations that feel unbelievably real. After we meet the four main characters, anchored by detective fiction-fan Doug and his sister, Gail, a mystery develops, and the way it is unraveled seems just how it would unfold in your own life. Throughout the film, Katz creates strong moments of tension all while expertly finding beauty in small moments between friends and family. And Portland is a gorgeous city, but it has never looked more inviting and more lovely than through his lens. I will definitely be watching to see what this filmmaker does next.

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