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Netflix Instant Mother’s Day Pick: The Guilt Trip

By Kelly

I remember being intrigued by the trailers for this movie when it was in theaters, but I didn’t know anyone who saw it. (I now only watch movies with glowing recommendations from friends whose movie tastes I implicitly trust. I’ve been burned too many times. I’m still traumatized by Donnie Darko 2.) So I passed on it, until one day I saw it on Netflix Instant and thought, “Why not? I only pay $7.99 a month for this service. It’s practically free.” (Not true of Donnie Darko 2. It will cost you pieces of your soul. DON’T do it.) So I gave it a try, and it’s a pretty cute movie.

I shouldn’t be surprised since Seth Rogen is involved in it; I have yet to meet a movie he’s in or directed that I don’t like, except possibly This is the End, but half of that film was movie gold before it got too weird for me.

The Guilt Trip is the story of a struggling inventor who embarks on a routine business road trip to pitch his organic cleaning compound to different retailers throughout the country. Along the way he stops to see his mom, and because of a secret idea he’s had to try and help her reclaim her love life, invites her to come along. And you can see his surprise when he mostly has a pretty good time.

Though it didn’t get stellar reviews, you can’t watch this realistic comedy without thinking of your own mother, which is why it’s perfect for Mother’s Day. Though Rogen is consistently funny in anything, Streisand is the true star of this movie and, intelligently, the focus. She does an amazing job portraying an every-mom. There isn’t a thing that comes out of her mouth that I haven’t heard from my own mother on a regular basis. She’s the perfect mix of embarrassing, caring and sometimes strangely cool. I’d say the humor in this is subtle but well-executed with both actors playing off each other excellently.

Rogen is his usual role, but there’s nothing wrong with that. He’s got deadpan and painfully average nailed. But Streisand steals the show. It also has sappy moments that I’m embarrassed to admit, made me cry my eyes out.

Mom will love it.

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