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Neflix Instant Pick: The Guild

By Kelly

I’ve heard The Guild is the thing to watch for gamers, so I decided to give it a try, since I’m married to a gamer, and it’s on Neflix Instant. It’s definitely part funny and part closer to reality than you’d expect.

This web series follows a guild of gamers Codex, Zaboo, Clara, Bladezz and Tinkerballa that make up The Knights of Good as they attempt to balance addictive online gaming and harsh reality. Clara (Robin Thorsen) for instance, is the mother of three, not that she considers that a priority next to gaming. She’s not exactly an attentive mother, which is hilarious and disturbing at times, but I choose to find it funny. The morally apathetic Tink (Amy Okuda) wouldn’t make a good mother either, since the one time she babysits Clara’s kids she puts them in a giant dog crate and refuses to change them. Again, some will likely find this offensive, but I just choose to find it funny. Those two are certainly my favorite characters, but all the actors who play guildies do a phenomenal job, from the socially unconcerned Vork (Jeff Lewis) to the charmingly awkward Codex (Felicia Day), who’s won a 2009 Streamy Award for best actress.

In fact, the show has pulled in a slew of awards including Series Awards from SXSW, YouTube and Yahoo, and more Streamy Awards for best comedy and best web series.

This isn’t bad for a show that was paid for by PayPal donations from loyal fans in its first season. But since season two, it took one giant step up to being distributed by Xbox Live and Microsoft and sponsored by Sprint. Each webisode is about 3 to 8 minutes long, but if you watch them on Instant, you can watch a whole season at once in about an hour and half.

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