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Live Music at the Domain

By Kelly

While creating the new Chickster Events Calendar, I felt the need to sample some of the great events I was pushing. So today I finally checked out the Music at the Domain. Taking place every weekend until Oct. 31, this is definitely worth the price of free.

It wasn’t just amazing music from the Vintage 15 Big Band, it was very comfortable in the shaded area by the Starbucks. Though there were many onlookers, they were all seated (some on the stone walls lining the entire area, some at tables outside some of the Domain eateries and some even in rocking chairs). It wasn’t even hard to find a place to sit if you showed up late. There was also a swing dancer or two who turned up to really get the crowd in the spirit. If you have some free time one weekend and want to hang outdoors while enjoying great music, I highly recommend it.

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