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New Facebook Local App

By Kelly

Do you know what you’re doing this weekend? I do, thanks to the new Facebook Local app.

I’ve struggled for the past few years to find a good “events” calendar for the Austin area. It’s not that there’s a lack—there are literally so many it’s overwhelming. That’s why I created an “Events” page on Chickster, so I could organize the handful of things I was actually interested in doing each month somewhere, without having to scroll through endless lists of events I had no interest in.

Well, now Facebook has gotten into the events business. A few months ago, I saw that little “Events” section on Facebook and was blown away by one thing: If I was in the mood to go somewhere outside, but had absolutely no idea where, all I had to do was go to the Facebook app, select “Events” and then choose either “Today” or “This Weekend.” Then I’d be flooded with fun events in my area that were actually taking place right then, instead of sifting through event calendars for hours going, “that’s next week, that already happened, I’m busy that weekend…”

It’s the reason we learned about the Austin Lights Festival in time to get tickets to celebrate our eight-year wedding anniversary this weekend.

I recommend downloading the Facebook Local app if you haven’t already.

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