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LASIK, microblading, permanent eyeliner and laser hair removal for time-saving

By Kelly

Recently, I decided to do every procedure I could find to save time. Here’s what I did:

LASIK (+10)

I started with iLASIK, so I didn’t have to struggle for 10 minutes every morning forcing itchy contacts against my eyes. I used Dell Laser Consultants. It took minutes, it wasn’t painful and they give you numbing eye drops and valium, so you don’t need or want to blink (or care). The whole thing was no big deal.

Laser Hair Removal (+10)

Next, I tried laser hair removal to permanently banish all the hair from under my arms and below my waist. This was also no big deal, though when you get into the more sensitive areas, it definitely burns pretty bad. For this, I used Laser Hair Removal of Pflugerville and recommend it. The whole thing takes a little less than an hour and will require at least six rounds. But it’s worth it to skip shaving forever.

Microblading (+5)

Next, I tried microblading. Due to over plucking in junior high, I don’t have eyebrows and spent at least five minutes every morning drawing them on.

So I went to B.Sweet. After the brows were painted on to check the color and shape, numbing gel was applied, and I waited 20 minutes. Then there was about 10 minutes of something sharp scarping across my skin in an unpleasant way, but that was it. And it’ll last for a year.

Permanent Eyeliner (+5)

Top, winged

Tattooing permanent eyeliner on the top eyelid was even less painful than microblading. It just felt like an irritating buzzing. But it takes longer than microblading, since each eye took an hour total.


The bottom eyeliner gave me trouble. Aside from being more painful than the top, I had to keep my eye open, which gave me an ocular migraine, since there was a bright light overhead I couldn’t escape.

I also had bouts of vertigo for three days. I think my eyelids swelled so much it restricted natural eye movement, but that’s a guess. Either way, when my permanent eyeliner fades in two years, I’ll gladly give back five minutes a day lining my eyes.

But until then, I have 30 additional minutes a day. That could be anything from a workout to an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. But it’s time I can spend however I want instead of primping myself.

What about you, readers? What extreme things have you tried to save time?

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