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Georgetown Winery is the Best

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

By Kelly

If you haven’t yet tasted Georgetown Winery on Main Street, it’s time for a visit to the historic, and now famous, Georgetown Square.

Texas Monthly says, it’s “Hip to be square in Georgetown.”

And I happen to think that the Winery is the absolute best part of the square.

The best glass of wine I’ve ever had

This wine is so good, I send it to my mother on Mother’s Day and even buy it to for my husband, who loves IPAs and doesn’t even like wine much. I love Fredericksburg, but I’ve never tasted any wine as good as every glass I have at Georgetown Winery.

Why is it so good? I think because it’s Texas-made and it’s been around a while. The vineyard is in Rockdale, though I am still unsure if you can visit it, and the family who owns it have been making wine since 1891.

My favorite here is the Ice Wine, though I have many favorites, including the Sweet Peach and Blueberry wines as well. Aside from tasting great, it’s also reasonably priced, and once you pay you can leave with a to-go cup and walk around, because, yes, drinking on the square is allowed.

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