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Fables opens at Austin Art Garage

By Kelly

©2010 Neil Ganucheau (

Fables: New Art by Graham Franciose opened March 25 at the Austin Art Garage and will continue through April 24. Featuring free entry and free beer (Lone Star was one of the sponsors), opening night clearly had many appeals in addition to the art, which exposed Franciose’s imagination as an interesting dichotomy of morose and cheerful. There was also a story contest in which the first and second place winners were awarded one of Franciose’s signed canvas prints. To enter, attendees of the opening wrote a short story onto an index card and taped it beside an art piece of their choice. The winning stories are below.

(Left) ©Graham Franciose "She Sat Waiting for the right one to find her" (Right) ©Graham Franciose’s “The Lonesome Giant”

First place: Jeff St. Onge, for his story based on Graham Franciose’s “She Sat Waiting for the right one to find her”:

Once there was a little girl. She loved her pet bird very much. The only thing she loved more was riding elevators to the penthouse floor and climbing the highest hills in town. One day she went walking, carrying her beloved bird in its cage. They came upon a strange object—a very, very, very tall chair. They girl climbed and climbed until she reached the top, whereupon she sat down to survey her surroundings from her unexpectedly tall perch. An overwhelming desire came upon her, and she opened the bird cage and let her winged friend escape.

She watched in satisfaction as he flew faster and farther than he’d ever flown before. She watched in gratitude as the little bird was welcomed into the flock around them. And she contemplated the quiet rewards of letting go of the things you love.

Second place: Levi McGlathery, for the story based on Graham Franciose’s “The Lonesome Giant”:

“It’s lovely to meet you here,” the giant said to his new friend. “I’ve been ever so lonely up here.” His new friend did not respond. “You’re the quiet type, huh? That’s okay, I’ve got plenty to talk about.” His new friend began to drift apart. “Please don’t leave me,” the giant pleaded, but his new friend didn’t hear.

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