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4 YouTube channels to stream free workouts

By Kelly

If you’re looking for some good, free YouTube channels for workouts, here are four that I’ve liked:

  1. Blogilates: This is my favorite, because she puts a monthly calendar on her blog that tells you which of her micro-workouts to do daily for a good balance of cardio, targeted muscle groups, rest and stretching. Cassey Ho also invented Pop Pilates, which is my favorite type of workout.

  2. Les Mills: They have all kinds of cardio, including hip hop and HIIT, but I enjoyed doing their Body Combat series (episodes 1–14) completely for free.

  3. Yoga with Adriene: Good solid, yoga and a cute dog that hangs out, and sometimes “helps” with the yoga. (She also has a calendar, and I love that she’s local.)

  4. 24 Hour Fitness: I’m no longer a member, since they closed my gym, but they have a lot of free live and on-demand content, even from other sources. Watching this channel is how I learned about both Les Mills and Cassey Ho.

What I haven’t found yet is a great Zumba channel. Anyone know one? Any other channels you’re enjoying? Let me know in your comments.

Happy streaming!

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