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What to Watch on Netflix This Summer

By Kelly

If you’re trying to avoid the Texas heat and/or save money, these recommendations should get you through the summer:

Many have described season four as better than season three (which confuses me because I loved season three), but I did watch the whole season in a weekend, when season three took me a couple of weeks…

This one took me a while to warm up to because of all the on-screen brain-eating, but at least they try to make it funny. She mixes it in with stir fry, she makes brain sushi….

Whatever your stance on gross food images, it’s a Rob Thomas show, so of course it’s great.

I did not expect to like this. Even this trailer does nothing to make me want to watch the show. I hate the idea of a girl moving to another city to chase her uninterested ex-boyfriend, but there is a lot going on with this fantastic spectacle, including a very flawed heroine that’s easy to both like and relate to and Broadway-level musical numbers.

The rumors are true. This is both fantastic and addictive. You should watch it. I’m surprised and disappointed if you haven’t already.

This show is amazing. You should watch it. It's like Ugly Betty meets Gilmore Girls, if you can even imagine the awesomeness.

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