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What to Binge on Netflix Right Now

By Kelly

If you find yourself with some binge time (and you’ve already watched Defenders), here’s what else to watch right now:

This is like the lighter version of Hunger Games. People don’t have to fight to the death to leave poverty and get to a better life, but they do have to undergo rigorous testing designed to eliminate them, since those in charge only have the resources to elevate 3%. Sometimes people die, but it’s not another Battle Royale. It’s more about the harsh realities of competition and overpopulation. It was made in Brazil, but if you’re an American millennial, you can’t help relating it to the Great Recession. Plus just the word “Brazil” screams bureaucrat dystopia. You know, because of that extremely underappreciated Terry Gilliam movie.

I had never heard of this one until I got the notification, but it’s worth a watch. It has Kristen Bell, who I could watch do anything, in an unconventional afterlife trying to sort out why she’s in The Good Place even though she was a fairly selfish person.

It’s a strange mix of dark and light humor, and it’s really working for me. Though if you’re way into theology, it may irritate you. It’s not at all, “by the book.” But I think that’s the point.

The premise of this one is strange. It’s purposely a live-action Archie comic that’s also a teen drama and a murder mystery. I try not to think about that much, but Slate very accurately describes it as “Archie meets Twin Peaks.” There’s no better way to put it.

Though there’re two main things the show should be commended for: the employment of ‘80s/‘90s icons (Molly Ringwald, Luke Perry, Skeet Ulrich) and the celebration of hot redheads. If you know me, you know I have a thing for hot redheads, and this show gets it.

I didn’t enjoy the Wet Hot American Summer, First Day of Camp (2015) version of this reboot. I stopped watching it after four episodes. But this continuation of the story was completely superior and had me laughing constantly. I liked it so much, I went back and finished First Day of Camp and enjoyed the last few episodes of that as well. (I think the first half just wasn’t as strong.)

If you haven’t seen the comedian-stubbed movie that encouraged these reboots, you really should. It’s really…strange. They’re teenage camp counselors (even though they’re clearly 30 and up), and H. Jon Benjamin (Archer) plays a talking can of vegetables because…of course. But you’ll laugh. It also helps that they got the majority of the cast to return for both new installments. Like Paul Rudd and Bradley Cooper? They’re Avengers! (Well, Cooper will become one in 2018.) Though Cooper didn’t make it very far in the last installment. He’s replaced with Adam Scott in a humorous way.

The movie isn’t on Netflix streaming, but you can stream Hurricane of Fun: The Making of Wet Hot (2015), though it will probably just confuse you.

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