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Texas Sphere Rides

By Kelly

When I saw Texas Sphere Rides on Groupon, I was intrigued. Especially since the coupon was $22 for two riders, which is something that’s normally a $60 value.

After only an hour drive to New Braunfels, my hubby and I were carted up a hill next to Texas Ski Ranch (a 70-acre park of wakeboarding, waterskiing and skateboarding among other things) and strapped into harnesses inside a 10-foot clear rubber ball. It was like being inside a human-sized hamster ball as we rolled and bounced down a grassy hill. It’s a short ride but certainly fun, and worth the discounted price or some of the helicopter packages that usually come with it, since Texas Sphere Rides is teamed with Helicopter Tours of Texas.

Texas Sphere Rides doesn’t have a phone number, but you can call Texas Ski Ranch at 830-627-2843. There’s also a Facebook page that lets you know if the sphere rides are open or closed due to inclement weather, but they’re open every day that’s sunny.

*All riders must sign a waiver.

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