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Skip Town: Happy Yogurt in College Station

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

By Shelby

We Chicksters are all Longhorn ladies, but every once in a while, life requires us to leave our favorite city for an eastern jaunt to the home of our rivals. Whether it’s sports, family or work, we’ve all visited College Station, but on my latest visit, I uncovered a little Austin-esque gem that can serve as an oasis in a sea of maroon.

I’ve written about my fro-yo love before, so I was thrilled to uncover Happy Yogurt in College Station. Nestled in North Gate just behind the infamous Dixie Chicken and Bottlecap Alley, Happy Yogurt serves up not just the titular yogurt but dim sum treats like sweet red bean buddha buns, happy pot stickers and way-better-than ramen, along with assorted coffees and teas, smoothies, shakes and boba teas.

But the yogurt truly lives up to its happy name. Available in three flavors (original, chocolate and strawberry), the yogurt can be topped with everything from fruits like raspberries and kiwi to candy like Reese’s Pieces to crushed cookies like Oreos. The real treat though are the fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, which repeat customers are said to have dubbed “crack cookies.” I can definitely see why. And what’s even better is that these cookies are available in delicious dough form to top your yogurt. YUM.

Owner Koda Madison is friendly and welcoming, and she’s decked out her space with colorful, fun decor, including an HDTV playing movies. And for this geek, the best thing of all was this little Post-It note tacked on to the cash register:

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