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Saffire T. Stone’s Trashy Trivia

By Shelby

I am an unabashed pop culture trivia nerd, so I was pretty thrilled to discover when I walked in the door at Jo’s Coffee on Second Street that Saffire T. Stone‘s Drag Queen Bingo had morphed into Saffire T. Stone’s Trashy Trivia. Ever since I heard about Saffire’s twice-monthly events at Jo’s, I’ve been wanting to make it out, but I didn’t make it until last Wednesday.

I went to The Highball‘s Geeks Who Drink quiz on The Big Lebowski this summer and failed miserably (seriously, second to last!), so it was a great confidence booster to win two rounds of Trashy Trivia. And what did my team win for our efforts?

Naturally, I opted for The Weasel. For our second round, we won a magnet that I probably shouldn’t post on this blog, but it is equally awesome. As an admittedly insufferable know-it-all (I blame genetics), winning felt pretty sweet. But not as sweet as Saffire’s hosting prowess. She was the consummate host and made everyone feel welcome, no matter their age or sexual orientation. In fact, we even earned a shout-out when she got to say, “Even the straight people knew Barbra Streisand is a democrat!” After a few minutes in her presence, it was no wonder she tied for Best Drag Performer in the Austin Chronicle’s Best of 2010 Readers Poll.

Saffire’s next Trashy Trivia night is Oct. 20 from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. While you’re there, I recommend ordering a veggie burger and a Live Oak Oaktoberfest. And hopefully you’ll walk out with a mustache to call your own.

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