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Netflix Instant Pick: You Again

By Kelly

I’m always on the look-out for instant movies that I thought about seeing in the theater but didn’t quite make it to for some reason or another. You Again was one of those movies that didn’t quite get me to bite, but I think it’s certainly worth a watch on instant.

It helps that I love Kristen Bell (who plays Marni in this movie) definitely due to her break-out role in Veronica Mars, a show that ended far too soon and, unfortunately, without a satisfying ending. Nonetheless, it’s an amazing show, where Bell’s acting was solid all the way through. She’s just as good here, in a movie that’s mostly playful (with many of the funniest moments supplied by Betty White) and mostly about getting back at the “mean girl.” I don’t really agree with the mega happy ending, but it is still entertaining and worthy of a few laughs. I tend to be less forgiving of high school rivals in general, but you could argue that this film is just too mature for me and aiming for a healthier message. Something about some competition being healthy, or unhealthy, or we’re really all above this, blah blah. Still, maybe they should have considered a Scooby-Do ending.

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