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Netflix Instant Pick: The Infidel

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

By Shelby

I’ve loved Aaron Sorkin‘s short-lived TV series Sports Night for more than a decade, but I’ve only just now started watching his better-known follow-up, The West Wing. After only a few episodes, the show had walked-and-talked and filibustered its way into my heart and now ranks among my all-time favorites. Sorkin, a recent Academy Award winner for his script for The Social Network, inarguably writes dialogue like no one else, and he brings those words to life through some truly indelible and dynamic characters. There isn’t a single character on The West Wing I don’t adore, but my unquestionable favorite is White House Communications Director Toby Ziegler, played by Richard Schiff, who won an Emmy for the role.

When I started searching out some of Schiff’s other work, I came across a 2010 indie comedy called The Infidel on Netflix Instant. This charming little movie tells the story of an East London Muslim family man (Omid Djalili) who discovers that he was adopted and that his birth family was Jewish. In an existential tailspin, he turns to a drunken American expat (Schiff) to teach him the ways of the Jewish faith and, along the way, learns about tolerance and acceptance.

The Infidel also stars Archie Panjabi, who won the 2010 Emmy for her work on The Good Wife, and Little Britain‘s Matt Lucas. The flick would make for a perfect double feature with the terrorism black comedy Four Lions, the first film distributed from Austinite Tim League’s Drafthouse Films. Four Lions, one of the funniest movies I saw last year, is also available on Netflix Instant.

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