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Netflix Instant Pick: Teen Wolf

By Kelly

I can’t believe I’m saying this but…I’m really liking the new Teen Wolf.

Hear me out! Yes, it’s a remake of a movie that I loved in the ’80s, which I’m honestly not fully confident I could even sit through today. (Yes, it felt like movie gold when I was 10, but so did Harry and the Hendersons.) But this new version certainly has some nice updates. Better music, better cinematography (I loved the scene where he was looking at the moon in bed, rolled over into a pile of leaves in the same shot and then found himself in the woods the next morning. Nice.), and lacrosse is way cooler than basketball, and much more fun to watch. (I’m not a sports fan in any way. I’m sure that last statement really exposed that.)

Anyway, the one thing I’m not digging so far is the way he looks when he transforms. (Hopefully that’s only a half transformation, because the other werewolf I saw in the episode actually looked pretty awesome! Way better than when Oz was that mechanical werewolf in Buffy and way way better than when he was some guy in what looked like a bad monkey suit, though the half-transformation I’ve seen so far wasn’t that far behind the monkey suit.)

But the best thing about the show is actually the other characters. His werewolf hunter (Crystal Reed), love interest rocks. his alpha werewolf/mentor (Tyler Hoechlin) is boiling hot. And his best friend (Dylan O'Brien) is hilarious and goes on to be Maze Runner. And I even like the guy (Colton Haynes) who left to become Arsenal on Arrow, and the redheaded snob (Holland Roden) who ends up being a different kind of supernatural being unexpectedly.

Anyway, hopefully the lead looks pretty awesome full wolf, but even if he doesn’t, this show is pretty entertaining so far, and I recommend it if you have some free time.

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