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Netflix Instant Pick: Mystery Team

By Shelby

We here at Chickster love Community. And while we may have come for the Joel McHale, we quickly found ourselves adoring all of the Greendale Human Beings. (Yes, even Leonard and Star Burns.) We hate to pick favorites, but if we had to, it would probably be BFFs Troy and Abed.

In the show’s pilot, I’d been excited to see that Troy was played by Donald Glover, who I’d seen in the Alamo Drafthouse‘s limited run of the hilarious Mystery Team in 2009. In case you missed this inspired comedy, you can catch it on Netflix Instant.

Mystery Team tells the story of three high schoolers who had a childhood detective agency and never quite grew up. Basically, it deals with what would have happened when Encyclopedia Brown hit puberty. I don’t want to give too much of the plot about the mystery away, but the movie is funny and raunchy and also features the comedic talents of Glover’s Derrick Comedy partners D.C. Pierson and Dominic Dierkes as well as the great Aubrey Plaza (a.k.a. April on Parks and Recreation).

Check out the trailer.

And because now we have to go a whole summer without Troy and Abed, I leave you with these bloopers from the first season’s Halloween episode.

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