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Netflix Instant Pick: Morning Glory

By Kelly

Morning Glory has come to Netflix Instant, which is something I wish I knew before I waited for it in the mail. I heard it was just mediocre, so I enjoyed it much more than I expected. Sure it might speak to me personally because I am also a journalist, but I thought the bouncy, nervous, raw and driven Becky Fuller was one of Rachel McAdams’ better roles, and though Harrison Ford was probably too good for this movie, that made perfect sense for his character, the has-been news anchor that people sometimes confuse with Dan Rather who feels above a fluffy morning show. I didn’t necessarily dig the ending—spoiler alert—I just don’t get that excited about frittatas and really think that once-in-a-life-time job offers shouldn’t be ignored—but it still seemed fitting for the tone of the movie and Rachel McAdams’ well-established character. So this is worth a watch, but don’t expect a romantic comedy. Though that element is definitely present in this movie, this is mostly a media story, with some funny on-air mishaps, including Diane Keaton in a sumo-wrestling suit.

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