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Netflix Instant Pick: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

By Kelly

With all the network shows coming to finales, I watched Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on a recommendation from a fellow Chickster, and tore through all three seasons in less than two weeks. You should watch this show for about a million reasons. The only reason not to watch this show is that you don’t like fun.

Here are just five reasons you should start streaming it right now:

  1. Miss Fisher herself. Phryne Fisher (Essie Davis) is an independent, good-looking older lady who enjoys sex and seems to have no plans of settling down (and is unabashed about this, as she should be). She also totes a golden pistol and is a good shot, without the typical Hollywood explanation of “oh my father/brother taught me” that happens any time a woman is good at something considered masculine. (Like we can’t be good at something without learning it from a man!)

  2. The setting. Who doesn’t love the ’20s? The sets and clothes alone make this show worth watching and Miss Fisher never wears the same thing twice, as she sashays through the jazz clubs and the estates of Melbourne, Australia.

  3. Inspector Detective Jack Robinson. Played by Nathan Page, this guy does not seem like much when you first start watching. He seems like the typical policeman who doesn’t want a woman in on his territory. But he’s quickly revealed to be this reasonable person who sees that women are just as capable as men and often calls on Miss Fisher to help him with his cases. He also seems to have no plans to “tame” Miss Fisher, which is refreshing. He accepts her the way she is. When she performs a topless fan dance while uncover, he just smiles. When she starts playing with the toy cars in his office, he plays along and even makes motor sounds. He’s also the absolute master of the smolder. Urban Dictionary defines smolder as, “The act of accessing your deep, inner, and molten sexuality and shooting it through your eyes into an undeniably sexy stare.” He starts doing this as the end of every episode and you seriously start watching just to see this 10-second scene. His smolder is that good.

  4. Dot and Constable Hugh Collins. Like any good show, there are side characters and they have their own stuff going on. These two, played by Ashleigh Cummings and Hugo Johnstone-Burt, have a cute romantic story line, though it’s way more traditional than whatever is going on between Miss Fisher and Jack Robinson.

  5. Character names that break the fourth wall. The butler’s name is Mr. Butler. The villain in season one is named Mr. Foil and he couldn’t be more opposite than Miss Fisher.

So give it a try if you have some summer time. I know you won’t regret it.

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