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Netflix Instant Pick: Dakota Skye

By Kelly

Dakota Skye was the best movie I didn’t know existed. Have you ever suspected that you can detect when someone is lying? Well, this indie film takes the human lie detector idea to the next level. Dakota (Eileen April Boylan) not only knows when someone is lying but she can tell exactly what the truth is, in impossible detail.

That’s how she knew that when she asked her boyfriend what he did the night before and he said “Not much,” the truth was “Hit on two girls that blew us off for two guys that looked like Abercrombie and Fitch models.” So is this strange superpower a curse or a blessing? Mostly a curse, until Dakota meets Jonah (Ian Nelson), the guy who seemingly never lies.

But is Jonah just a blind spot, a nemesis or merely just a pathological liar? And is Dakota a hypocrite, since she’s no more honest than the next person? This movie has an interesting take on human nature and a refreshing acceptance of its limitations, as well as an appreciation for the bravery of real honesty.

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