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Netflix Instant Holiday Pick: 12 Dates of Christmas

By Kelly

I was feeling the holiday spirit yesterday so I searched Netflix Instant for Christmas titles. That’s how I stumbled on 12 Dates of Christmas. I was very pleasantly surprised by the amped-up holiday spirit, matched with an interesting Groundhog Day-like script and two lead actors I really like, Amy Smart (Just Friends) and Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Ummm, Zack Morris!). I liked it so much, I even re-watched it a second time this morning.

Though not quite as satisfying as Groundhog Day, since Bill Murray is said in film commentaries to spend 10 or so years in his one-day purgatory, 12 Dates of Christmas is true to its title. Kate has 12 dates to get it right with the charming and good-hearted Miles, as well as selflessly try and improve the lives of everyone around her.

Amy Smart is also great in this role. It could’ve easily tipped over to too selfish and too bitchy, yet she toes the line so well you like her even when there’s tons of room for improvement in her priorities. She also has a little fun with her predicament at one point that anyone on a budget or who fears any sort of permanent consequences would enjoy.

So overall, especially with the always-charming Zack Morris, I highly recommend this Christmas-themed romantic comedy. Though, just like Groundhog Day, there is one date buried in there I prefer to the true ending, the real one is certainly a good “everybody happy” wrap-up. So if you get some time before December 25, give it a try!

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