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Netflix Instant Cherry-Pick: Bones

By Kelly

I’ve always liked the show Bones. I started it somewhere in grad school but, since I lived alone, stopped watching it when it got a little too creepy, with the intention of picking it back up when I was no longer predisposed to jump at every noise and barricade my door. But I always liked the Bones/Booth sexual tension (at least at first), as well as the interesting forensic anthropology. I especially like that the character portrayed by Emily Deschanel (yes, related to Zooey) is loosely based on the life of author and forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs, who also produces the show and wrote the book series it’s based on. (Ironically, in the show the Bones character moonlights as an author who writes about a supposedly fictional forensic anthropologist named Kathy Reichs.) Plus, it has Angel (David Boreanaz) from Buffy which is a plus, even if his acting is only sub-par, but that’s not why he’s on TV…

But that said, I did get annoyed with the never-ending, unfulfilling will-they-won’t they pattern, as well as the fact that the episodes all got a little repetitive in formula (get a case, solve the case, almost kiss, but don’t) as with many crime shows, usually without the kissing part. But I did enjoy that it wasn’t nearly as gross as CSI. (I can deal with bones; I’m not so good with body parts and gore. But be warned. This show is not free from gore either. It’s just no where near the level of CSI and all its spawn.)

By the time I no longer lived alone, I felt like I had missed the Bones boat. I felt way too behind to catch-up. I could stream the whole thing on Netflix, but I also suspected that I’d quickly get annoyed with endless sexual tension and formulaic story-lines and quit, so I decided to cherry-pick. I googled, “Which episodes do they kiss in Bones?” and this is what came up:

  • Season 3, Episode 9 “The Santa in the Slush.” (They kiss under the mistletoe.)

  • Season 5, Episode 16 “The Parts in the Sum of the Whole.” (Flashes back to their first case which also equals their first kiss and explains why they already knew and seemingly disliked each other in the pilot.)

  • Season 6, Episode 22 “The Hole in the Heart” (Bones stays over at Booth’s and there’re hints that something happened.)

  • Season 6, Episode 23 “The Change in the Game.” (Bones announces that she’s pregnant.)

That works for me since I watched most of Seasons 1–3 before I wussed out, but if that’s not quite enough show for you, Elizabeth from Yahoo Answers shared this insightful list of episodes that are particularly important for the Bones/Booth relationship.

Happy watching, hopefully free from annoyingly unfulfilling sexual tension. And if you’re interested in catching up on the new season, you can see most Season 7 episodes on the Fox website here.

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