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Dancing On My Own at The Dance Zone

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

By Shelby

My Groupon series of workouts continues with some booty shaking.

As we Chicksters have confessed before, we’re all suckers for dance movies. In fact, we are such suckers that it extends to us attempting to bust a move as well. So when a Groupon became available for The Dance Zone, I simply couldn’t pass it up.

Located on the ground floor of The Castillian dorm near the University of Texas campus, The Dance Zone is a simple dance studio, just like the ones Baby, Johnny Castle and every amazing dancer in the Step Up movies ever practiced in. The first course I took was an introduction to hip hop. During the class, the instructor broke down a routine step-by-step. Even step-by-step proved not basic enough for me at times, but as we slowly built on each move to create one routine to one song, I felt my confidence grow little by little. The class size was small, fewer than 10, which allowed us to receive personalized instruction and also gave us some room to spin and fall.

Next, I tried The Dance Zone’s Cardio Strip Hop class, which totally kicked my ass. The class was packed, and I wouldn’t be surprise to find out that it might be the studio’s most popular class. With the lights turned low and some strobes on, the energy was intense with everyone giving it their all and jamming out to the strong bass of pop and club songs. I felt a little intimidated at first because I couldn’t keep up, but once you realize that everyone is only paying attention to themselves, you lose some of your inhibitions too and just have fun.

I wish my schedule had permitted me to take more classes, but The Dance Zone’s prices are pretty reasonable, so I could see myself taking another spin on their dance floor someday. One more fitness class left in my Groupon fitness series, and it’s also dance-inspired. In the meantime, bust a move in the privacy of your home (or office) to Robyn’s awesome “Dancing On My Own.”

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