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Get Creative with Free CreativeLive Classes

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

By Kelly

A friend just told me about a free learning resource that I didn’t know existed, where you can get daily free lessons related to the creative arts. And these lessons are worth the money you’re not paying.

It’s called CreativeLive: Free Live Online Classes, and I recommend downloading the app, so you can watch these lessons from you phone, anytime and anywhere.

Once you register and pick your interests, you can get an entire first lesson for free, which is way longer than you think. (I watched the first one for five hours.) Then, daily, you can pick a new free partial lesson.

If you watch an “On Air” lesson, you can watch the whole thing for free (and even more than one), even if you’ve had another free lesson that day. Here’s the schedule of “On Air” classes. If you RSVP for an upcoming class, you get a reminder when it starts and you have a certain time frame to watch it. They basically play it on a loop multiple times for a day and a half. You can catch it any time during that time frame, though you may have to come back to catch the beginning if you missed it.

And that’s it.

So far, Sue Bryce’s Natural Light has been the best thing I’ve seen about portrait lighting and Jennie Nash’s Write Your Book: Start Strong and Get It Done is the most helpful instruction I’ve ever witnessed about how to outline and finish your novel. (And I’ve read hundreds of books on this topic.) If you are a self-published but aspiring-to-be-traditionally-published author like me. You must watch this.

Happy learning.

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