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Embrace two showers a day

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

By Kelly

Once we spring forward in spring, my morning workouts go out the window. (I’m lucky I’m able to crawl out of bed at all. I hate Daylight Savings. Pick a time and stick to it!) And when we fall forward in November, I want to think that I’ll keep getting up at the same time (and one year I did), but mostly, I don’t.

I’m not a morning person. The thing I need more than anything else is sleep. (It’s how I do all the things.) And I already have a complicated morning routine, because I wear makeup daily (even when I work remotely), and I have a dog who likes food and walks.

So... I’ve learned to embrace two showers a day. And you should, too, if you’re more likely to work out after work than before.

So how do you get yourself to both work out and shower after work? Do something that makes you sweaty, so you have no choice but to shower, even if that thing isn’t working out, yet. (Because if you’re like me, if you sweat a drop, you can’t skip a shower without getting female-related issues. And I’m tired of going to the doctor, so I will take two, or even three, showers a day to avoid it.)

My sweat-trigger activity is taking Kanna for a long walk. If I walk her, I always sweat. (It doesn’t matter if it’s cold.) Then my only two choices are to shower or visit the doctor again.

So, I always shower. And since I’m already showering, I may as well get really sweaty before I do it, because taking a shower for just a few drops of sweat, though necessary for me, feels like a waste. So this encourages me to work out until I sweat buckets, before I shower. I call it “earning my shower.” (Right now I’m streaming Cassey Ho, and you can, too, with her free calendar and YouTube Channel.)

How do you force yourself to work out? Tell me in your comments!

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