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Christmas comes to Netflix Instant: Holidaze and Flight Before Christmas

By Kelly

If you’re wondering what Christmas movies to watch on Netflix, Chickster has one or two suggestions:

Jennie Garth, who doesn’t like to be called Melody for some bizarre reason, is an workaholic in Chicago who doesn’t have time for family over the Thanksgiving holiday. In fact, she’s going to Costa Rico (or somewhere) with her girlfriends instead because she’s so busy and fabulous. But closing a deal brings her to town anyway a few days before the big meal. That’s when she runs into her high school sweetheart (Cameron Mathison) and bumps her head.

When she wakes in the hospital her family and the ex-fiance is standing above her, and she’s wearing a wedding ring. In an alternate reality, she did marry the guy and stay in her charming hometown of Streetsville.

The movie becomes a balancing act of which reality she prefers and how many thinly-veiled Walmart references can be made about the place she works without being sued.

Anyway, it’s fun and worth a watch. Think Family Man but with Jennie Garth.

This one, unfortunately, cannot be found on Netlifx (What can I say? Their selection is rather slim this year.) but can be found on Lifetime on-demand if you have access. I recommend it. If you’re a Big Bang Theory or Blossom fan like me, you’ll enjoy it just because Mayim Bialik is in it, but it’s easily the best Lifetime movie I’ve ever seen. (I know that doesn’t say a lot. Hear me out.)

So a girl gets dumped by her boyfriend right when she’s supposed to be moving her stuff in. She has nowhere to live and it’s the holidays. (What a jerk, right?) So she decides to board a plane and go home for Christmas when she originally planned to be moving.

Then the whole plane gets to listen as she tells-off her horrible ex-boyfriend on the phone, including the guy (Ryan McPartlin) sitting next to her who selflessly gave up his first class seat to someone who is clearly Santa (just in street clothes) and is about to propose to his own girlfriend. They get to talking, their flight gets re-routed and they end up sharing the only hotel room left in a small, charming town during Christmas (as complete strangers tend to do with barely any disapproval from their loved ones) and then love happens. (You can’t call that a spoiler. This is a Lifetime Christmas movie. Of course love happens.) Anyway, it’s cute. I enjoyed it. The writing was pretty darn decent, which I did not expect.

But it does make me wonder what Hollywood is trying to tell us. Don’t buy from corporations. Don’t live in the big city. Don’t work too hard. Live in a charming, small town where life is slow and uncomplicated. This is coming from a whole big city of workaholics who definitely drink the corporation Kool-aid or they wouldn’t have the advertising money to make movies. But don’t worry about mixed messages like that while watching these, and you’ll be just fine. It’s the holidays after all.

I do agree with one theme in both these movies though. You should definitely go home for the holidays!

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