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Christmas comes to Netflix Instant

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

By Kelly

If you’ve already run through all the Hallmark Christmas movies like me (or don’t have the Hallmark channel), here’re are two movies to watch on Netflix Instant, especially if you’re an iZombie fan.

A Christmas Prince and a Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding are already ahead of some other Christmas movies for one reason: The first one was popular enough to encourage a sequel.

In the first movie, Rose McIver (Liv from iZombie), plays Amber, a reporter who goes undercover as a tutor for the truly cute young Princess Emily (Honor Kneafsey) to get the real scoop on the prince of the fictional country of Aldovia. Then—as you’d expect from a Christmas movie—she falls in love with Prince Richard (Ben Lamb), and—as you can gather from the title of the second movie—things really really work out.

The first one has all the elements of a well-executed Christmas movie: it’s cheesy, uplifting and makes you feel like you’re sitting before a warm Christmas-y fire. It’s also well acted by the charming Rose McIver and has some well-pulled-off humor, which isn’t typical of Christmas movies.

The second movie is also cute and satisfying with some great humor, especially with the entrance of Amber’s crazy wedding dress designer, Sahil (Raj Bajaj), who puts her in some truly awful gowns in the name of fashion. He’s funny. I’ve never seen this guy before, but he’s going places.

But some think this movie really didn’t live up to the first one. Here’s a hilarious take on how the sequel failed for an entertaining after-movie read that’ll capture thoughts you didn’t even know you had while watching. (One I really agree with: The nail-painting Bachelorette Party was totally lame.) But take it with a grain of salt. Christmas movies are rarely as good as box office hits, with the exception of Love Actually. (I think it’s a budget thing. Most lead up to a supposed “huge” event that only 20 people attend.) They’re just supposed to make you feel good and Christmas-y. I say this one accomplishes that easily.

So if you have some time, give these movies a watch. They won’t change your life, but they’ll definitely get you in the Christmas spirit.

Happy Holidays!

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