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A Dogwalker’s Christmas “Tail”

By Kelly

I did it. I found the ultimate Netflix Christmas dog movie.

I’ve been complaining all Hallmark movie season that there aren’t enough dogs in any of these Christmas movies. Even Christmas Shepherd from Hallmark, which was definitely cute, only had one dog—albeit an amazing German Shepherd who could fake-limp on command, for drama.

And even though A Golden Christmas has three puppies on the cover, there is only one dog through most of the movie and the puppies are only at the end. At least the dog is magic, but the movie itself wasn’t great, even with Nicholas Brendon from Buffy. So basically I’m saying, I want a Christmas movie with dogs.

Well A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale has lots of dogs, even though not spelling it “Tail” in the title was a missed opportunity.

It also has something else I greatly love: Texas.

Halfway through the movie, I spotted Star Coffee from downtown Round Rock and then found that a lot of the movie was filmed in Round Rock with a tiny bit in Austin. The dog park in the movie is even the Round Rock Dog Depo! I’ve taken my dog there!

Now is it a great movie? No, but it’s good enough. And it has dogs!

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