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Chickster Crush: Jessica Alba

By Kelly

I’ve personally had a Chickster crush (in my case a platonic girl-crush) on Jessica Alba since I discovered the brilliance of Dark Angel, where Alba portrays the genetically-enhanced Max in post-apocalyptic Seattle. So when Chickster was offered the chance to conference call into a live interview with Alba, I jumped at the chance.

For one of Tinseltown’s elite, Alba was unassuming from start to finish. Even the woman orchestrating the conference call didn’t realize it was Alba who joined the call when she introduced herself as just “Jessica.”

“And Jessica, what outlet are you with?” the orchestrator asked.

“Ummm…I think I’m the person being interviewed?” Alba said, modestly. From then on out it was a down-to-earth and comfortable exchange that you might not expect from a huge Hollywood celebrity. She talked with each blogger in a friendly, natural way like she was speaking to an old friend, instead of doing a her-centered question and answer session. And she had some interesting things to say about motherhood and the new Spy Kids movie, in which she stars as a spy who goes into labor during a fight scene, all while her interior decorator husband is clueless about her secret job.

Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World, filmed in Austin and directed by Austinite Robert Rodriguez, will be released on Aug. 19 in 4-D, meaning that audience members will have the option to scratch and sniff a card for a smell element. Alba previously teamed with Rodriguez on his cult graphic novel adaptation Sin City.

Despite starring in blockbusters, Alba’s biggest role is that of a mom. Her second child is due in September, and her daugher, Honor Marie, is 3 years old. Alba advised young mothers to prioritize their time to put their children first, scale back work if possible or work from home. But if those aren’t options, she suggests to just be sure to “constantly check in with your kids and remind them that they’re a priority.”

“I don’t work as much as I used to,” said Alba. “On the weekends, my husband and I spend quality family time together with no phones, texting or computers. My husband and I basically just do whatever our daughter wants to do, whether that’s swimming, hiking, going to the park or playing dress-up.”

So this now and future Hollywood hottie is not only someone with an unassuming presence, a down-to-earth view and a nice phone manner; she’s also someone who cares about being a good mother. Consider her my Chickster crush for life.

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